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Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 4:35 PM


We ended up near Charlotte Beach last night around 10:00 or so. It felt like there had been some sort of festival or goings-on during the day and people were still milling about. A really gorgeous evening, even on the lake. Hardly any wind and the the air temperature didn't feel that much different from your body's. After walking around on the beach, we came back to the boardwalk and passed by a group of teenage girls interacting with two young men. There was the sort of typical banter back and forth. One or two of the girls was preparing to fall or jump and were testing to see if the boys were really interested. (Mind you, the distance from the boardwalk to the sand was approximately two feet.) "Are you going to catch me?" And one of the boys answered, "I promise everything I love." Chances are it was hormones that said that, but it made me wonder, "What if he really meant it? What would that mean?" Would it mean his favorite band? His mother's spaghetti sauce? Days when everything goes right? Feeling sunshine on his face? "Everything I love" must mean such a lot of things, people, feelings...And I'm sure there are those who would say I'm reading way too much into it. But it grabbed my attention in a way few things have lately.

By adriennelibrarian at 4:35 PM

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